The NFT Artwork (2d Anime Graphic Designs)

The Ballers Seriesn1 Collection (BS1 Series) draws inspiration from sports and Anime. We wanted to make sure our community uses clear imagery and that our athletes get a great shot at a digital pictorial representation of themselves.

So, we opted for 2D Anime Graphic Designs.

What Are 2D Animation Designs?

2D is a popular and diverse medium that is experiencing a massive resurgence. It’s common in TV shows, video games, feature films, advertisements, mobile apps, websites, and now, NFTs. Rick and Morty and F is for Family are two popular modern examples of 2D Animation. Snapchat, for example, is launching 2D animated series with short 1-3 minute episodes. There has also been a recent surge in 2D platform video games.

Even if you don’t realize it, Animation is used for everything online (advertising, entertainment). The medium is rapidly evolving. Television animation has exploded, and streaming services are always looking for new content.

Why Did NILWIRE Choose 2D Animation?

With the buzzing love for NFT, we thought, “How else can we make this exciting for the Fans?” And Anime was the right answer. The digital representation of the Athletes in a 2D Anime Design is the best way to give the fans satisfaction in owning the copies of their favorite artists.

How Does NILWIRE’s Athlete Design Look?

The NFT Art Designs will be customized, one-of-a-kind NFTs inspired by the athletes. The athletes with various backgrounds will be photographed in their school and state uniforms.

Imagine seeing athletes that represent your school famed in the NFT space. How cool is that?!

Above are some sneak peeks into what the BS1 2D Animated Designs Look Like. There’s more where that came from.

Which Athletes Will Feature On NILWIRE?

The ballers Series 1 Collection will feature athletes from universities across the country, including USC, UCLA, UTAH, TCU, OU, Oklahoma State, Hawaii, Oregon, Maryland, Purdue, LSU, Missouri, and Jackson State, and many more.

More On The BS1 Series

The NILWIRE NFT PROJECT Ballers Series 1 (BS1) Collection is the first hosted on the NILWIRE.IO marketplace. The collection includes 50 top college athletes from across the country. The NILWIRE founders and team handpicked each athlete. We met with each player to ensure that both parties shared the same vision and purpose. We hope to provide extraordinary value to fans and the NFT community throughout the years.

What’s More? This inaugural collection contains 5,555 BS1 tokens.

Note: The 50 athletes featured are not exclusive to the 5,555 Token Collection.

What Inspired Us To Choose NFTs For This Movement?

The world is advancing at an alarmingly fast rate. But the NFT wave is still in its early stages. To ensure our community does not miss that train, we decided to develop something that almost everyone loves and adores. Super Athletes and Sports!

Rising-star Athletes are being exploited every day by their name and likeness without getting compensation for it. This is why we chose to handpick our 50-Featured stars from colleges all over the country.

This gives them a clearer shot at having a pain-free success story. And we want to be the pioneers of that. What better way to do so than with the NFT MOVEMENT?

NILWIRE believes that by educating our student-athletes about Web 3.0, we can assist them in monetizing their name, image, and likeness. We believe that NFTs are just getting started, so this is an excellent opportunity to help athletes get ahead of the competition by educating them on blockchain technology and smart contracts. This is the first of many NFT projects to be launched on the NILWIRE.IO marketplace. We believe that by collaborating with their favorite athletes, we can provide tons of value and benefits to sports fans and the NFT community.

Our BS1 Athletes Story

NILWIRE admires and believes in the principles and values represented by the 50 college athletes. The players are mostly Polynesian and minority football players. NILWIRE’s founders are first-generation Tongans based in Dallas, Texas.

They are former D1 football players who understand what it is like to be an athlete while dealing with family pressures and success. They wished to establish a marketplace where athletes and creators could build NFT projects and gain access to all of the necessary tools and education.


Is it possible to purchase more than one BS1 NFT?


Can I use my credit card to buy BS1 NFTs?

Yes, you can use a credit card to purchase a BS1 NFT on our marketplace NILWIRE.IO.

Is a specific digital wallet required to buy a BS1 token?

To purchase an NFT, you will need a non-custodial wallet. NILWIRE accepts wallet payments from compatible wallets such as Defi Wallet, Metamask, and WalletConnect.

The Original R3 Secure DeFi Wallet. DeFi Wallet is the premier AR NFT Marketplace solution. With trust and confidence, swap, farm, and yield assets.

Can you buy a portion of a BS1 token?

You cannot purchase a portion of a BS1 token.

Can I Rent out a token?

We must be able to verify on the chain that you own the token at the time the benefit is deployed or activated to redeem it.

How many times can a token be redeemed?

You can check the number of redemptions for a token by going to the token’s page on NILWIRE.IO and looking at the redemption count, which is indicated by our redemption key symbol. OpenSea also displays BS1 redemption counts under a token’s properties.

How do I redeem an “Access” token that I purchased?

Each access token has a redemption count, represented by a key icon on the token’s display page. The verification process for “private meals and/or hangout” token holders will be available on NILWIRE.IO before September 26, 2022. We will provide redemption information via our NILWIRE discord channel. Subscribe to our mailing list to receive updates on redeeming your access token.

How can I use my “Gift” token?

The verification process for “signed memorabilia and game tickets” will be launched on NILWIRE.IO before September 26, 2022. To activate their gifting experience, those who purchased a Gift token must verify their address through NILWIRE.IO. To receive all updates, ensure you’re on our mailing list and on our Discord channel.

How do I get my NILWIRE CON ticket?

You automatically gain access to NILWIRE CON if you own any BS1 token. If you own more than one BS1 NFT, you can claim more than one admission to NILWIRE CON. For example, if you own 5 BS1 NFTs, you have five admissions to NILWIRE CON. We will communicate all event details via our NILWIRE discord channel and email mailing list.

As we continue to grow, we aim to contribute positively to the NFT and Web3 space. Join us today to be a step closer to the Metaverse. For more info, check out our Discord, Instagram, & Tiktok. Or follow us on Facebook and Twitter Today.