The Ballers Series 1 Collection

It’s Bigger Than The Art! For Athletes, For the Fans & For the Love Of Sports!

What is the Baller Series 1 Collection?

The NILWIRE NFT PROJECT Ballers Series 1 (BS1) Collection is the first hosted on the NILWIRE.IO marketplace. The collection includes 50 top college athletes from across the country. The NILWIRE founders and team handpicked each athlete.

We met with each player to ensure that both parties shared the same vision and purpose. We hope to provide extraordinary value to fans and the NFT community throughout the years. The inaugural collection includes 5,555 BS1 tokens in the NILWIRE space.

In this piece, we’d be answering the most curious questions of this series, to educate, and enlighten our budding community. So keep reading.

What is the backstory of the BS1 athletes?

NILWIRE admires and believes in the principles and values represented by the 50 college athletes. The players are primarily Polynesian and minority football players. NILWIRE’s founders are first-generation Tongans based in Dallas, Texas. They are former D1 football players who understand what it is like to be an athlete while dealing with family pressures and success.

Nilwire aims to establish a marketplace where athletes and creators could build NFT projects and gain access to all of the necessary tools and education.

What’s More?

NILWIRE believes that by educating our student-athletes about Web 3.0, we can assist them in monetizing their name, image, and likeness. In addition, we believe that NFTs are just getting started, so this is an excellent opportunity to help athletes get ahead of the competition by educating them on blockchain technology and smart contracts.

This is the first of many NFT projects to be launched on the NILWIRE.IO marketplace. We believe that by collaborating with their favorite athletes, we can provide tons of value and benefits to sports fans and the NFT community, and the Sports world at large.

Meet The BS1 Athletes

Each athlete has a unique story to tell, and the BS1 tokens have a purposeful structure. Therefore, before purchasing any BS1 NFT, we recommend you become acquainted with all of the BS1 athletes and what each token offers. It’s More Than just NFTs; It’s a Community!

There are 5,555 BS1 tokens in three categories: Starter, Varsity, and All American. You’ll notice that each athlete comes from a different background.

The BS1 GOATS Collection

The Founders have decided to create a special personal collection of tokens with the “GOAT” badge — which stands for BS1 original ownership and publicly authenticates BS1’s original owner for future token holders.

These tokens are not for sale during the initial release, but you can view them on NILWIRE.IO under “BS1 GOAT COLLECTION.”

Are the tokens all the same?

NILWIRE Tokens are divided into Starter, Varsity, and All American. All token holders, however, receive a three-year pass to NILWIRE CON, an exclusive experience for BS1 NFT holders to interact with pro athletes and special guests in a curated themed event centered on sports, business, and culture.

All BS1 tokens are one-of-a-kind art tokens with identical athlete designs but different backgrounds. The NFT art designs will be personalized and one-of-a-kind, with athletes in uniforms from various backgrounds representing their schools and states. Some of the BS1 art backgrounds will include images that will reveal unexpected utilities for holders in the near future, such as private parties and meet-ups!

Will the NFTs be available for purchase on the open market?

NILWIRE.IO will be the primary sales channel for BS1 NFTs. In addition, BS1 tokens will be available for purchase on secondary marketplaces such as Opensea and Rarible, among others. BS1 NFTs will follow the ERC-721 standard.

How long will my BS1 token be valid?

As a work of art and collectible, the BS1 token will last forever. However, the underlying benefits of BS1 NFTs will expire on August 22nd, 2025.

What Makes This NFT Launch Unique?

Each NFT will have a unique message and meaning and will be extremely useful in the sports world. Our strategy is to provide access to and serve the BS1 community. BS1 is all about utility and access, which means that each NFT will have varying levels of access and activities via the smart contract attached to each investment, giving them “utility” via metadata. The token is the key that allows you to enter the world of NILWIRE.

Who created all of the BS1 NFTs?

Futaku Studios, the son of Dragonball Z’s creator, created the artwork. Some details were inspired by the athletes, but we primarily wanted the art to represent each player’s identity, school, and culture. The artwork will be in 2D anime graphics.

Can I resell my BS1 NFTs?

Because all BS1 characters and tokens are the intellectual property of NILWIRE LLC, token owners are not permitted to sell or distribute BS1 athletes or designs in any way. This is because we intend to provide the athletes with the IP at a later date.

Where can I meet other BS1 NFT collectors?

On our NILWIRE discord channel, we’re always hanging out. Accept our invitation and join in on the fun Now!

On which blockchain are these NFTs minted?

NFTs are issued on the Ethereum blockchain using ERC-721 compliant contracts. This is the “gold standard” and most widely supported digital collectible format.

Introducing: The NILWIRE CON Community Get together

What exactly is NILWIRE CON?

NILWIRE CON is open to all BS1 token holders. However, the event is a Superconference event for NFT holders only. Your NFT will grant you three years of access. The conference will cover sports, entrepreneurship, business, NFTs, cryptocurrency, music, fun, and much more!

When and where will NILWIRE CON take place?

JULY 2023 will mark the first NILWIRE CON. We will notify our BS1 community via email and our Discord channel of all details, including the date, location, and lineup.


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