NILWIRE Utility Benefits

“We Are More Than NFTs; We’re A Community, We’re The First Of Our Kind”

The NILWIRE space aims to be a force to reckon with in the Metaverse. There are lots of goodies packed for athletes and Super Fans.

In this piece, we’d show you some of the amazing benefits Super Fans would get access to by joining our community.

But first, get to know us more;

NILWIRE is a fan-first NIL NFT marketplace founded by brothers/former athletes to bring together fans and athletes. We offer collections created solely by athletes and premier artists to foster a community with the fans.

What Are Our Mission And Vision Statements?

Our mission is to assist athletes in monetizing their name, image, and likeness through blockchain technology while also providing value to their fans. NILWIRE is creating a peer-to-peer marketplace where athletes, fans, and influencers can connect. Our vision is to help athletes beyond sports by connecting them with fans on a deeper level.

Our Story?

NILWIRE was founded to become the premier NFT sports marketplace in the NIL space, assisting athletes in enhancing their brand. We are committed to fostering a community through NFT marketplace technology and smart contract capabilities. NILWIRE aspires to be a marketplace that hosts premier athletes from across the country to provide fans with unprecedented value and experiences.


What’s In It For The Community?

The Ballers Series 1 Collection

The collection includes 50 top college athletes from across the country. There are a total of 5,555 BS1 Tokens. They are divided into;

  • 2,750 Starter Tokens
  • 1,650 Varsity Tokens
  • 1,100 All American Tokens
  • And 55 Goat Tokens

Guess What? All Tokens are Automatic tickets to NILWIRE con. The all-in-one sports fest.

And for Utilities, we’ve got you covered. Here’s more;

Starter Tokens

This Token Gifts You 2 Personal Signed Memorabilia, access to a 30-minute ft call with the athlete (virtual), and  access to a 1-hour private breakfast with the athlete (in person)

Varsity Tokens

This Token Gifts You 3 Personal Signed Memorabilia, access to 1-hour ft call with the athlete (virtual), and access to a 1-hour private lunch with the athlete (in person)

All American Tokens

This Token Gifts You 4 Personal Signed Memorabilia,

  • Access to a 1-hour hangout with the athlete (in person),
  • A 30-minute workout with the athlete in 2022 (in person)
  • A 1-hour private dinner with the athlete in 2022 (in person)
  • And two game tickets to the athlete’s home game in 2022

Each Token Also Gives Admission To Events Below:

  • NILWIRE Con 2023, 2024, 2025 (Sports Conference Featuring Former/Current Pro Athletes, Entrepreneurs, Crypto/NFT Experts, Influencers, And Much More!)
  • Admission to the NILWIRE Charity Luau 2023, 2024, and 2025 (Charity Luau Event Featuring Former/Current Professional Athletes, Island Music, a Luau Show, and Much More! All proceeds will be donated to a charitable organization.)
  • NILWIRE Sports Camp 2023, 2024, 2025 (Sports Camp With On And Off The Field Training For The Youth. Former/current professional athletes will be coaching, and there will be surprise guests in attendance!)

FAQs on NILWIRE NFT Collection

Can I resell my BS1 NFTs?

Yes. BS1 tokens can be resold on NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and Rarible, among others. If a BS1 token is resold, BS1 will receive a 10% royalty fee. BS1 has also promised to split royalties with all athletes.

How do I get a BS1 NFT?

You will need to take two important steps to purchase a BS1 NFT. First, obtain ETH from a cryptocurrency exchange such as Defi Wallet, Coinbase, Gemini, or Binance. Afterward, you must transfer your ETH to a non-custodial digital wallet, such as Defi Wallet, MetaMask, or WalletConnect compatible wallets. These wallets allow you to purchase an NFT by connecting to the NILWIRE marketplace.

Can you have multiple NILWIRE CON admissions?

Yes. Every BS1 NFT is admitted to NILWIRE CON, so if you own two BS1 tokens, you have two admissions.

How can we obtain BS1 NFTs?

You can purchase BS1 NFTs on our marketplace NILWIRE.IO, but you will need to connect a Defi Wallet, Metamask, or WalletConnect compatible wallet to do so (ETH).

Will all 5,555 BS1 tokens be made available on August 22, 2022?

No more than 400 BS1 tokens will be available on August 15 to allow list members only. Then, on August 22, 2022, 5,000 BS1 tokens will be auctioned off in a Dutch auction-style. After that, every initial BS1 token will be available for purchase through a scheduled auction.

Why are BS1 NFTs auctioned off?

BS1 tokens will be sold through a Dutch auction to create a BS1 marketplace and ensure that no auctions are maliciously bid on or manipulated.

What exactly is NILWIRE CON?

NILWIRE CON is open to all BS1 token holders. However, the event is a Superconference event for NFT holders only. Your NFT will grant you three years of access. The conference will cover sports, entrepreneurship, business, NFTs, cryptocurrency, music, fun, and much more!

When and where will NILWIRE CON take place?

JULY 2023 will mark the first NILWIRE CON. We will notify our BS1 community via email and our Discord channel of all details, including the date, location, and lineup.

How do I get my NILWIRE CON ticket?

You automatically gain access to NILWIRE CON if you own any BS1 token. If you own more than one BS1 NFT, you can claim more than one admission to NILWIRE CON. For example, if you own 5 BS1 NFTs, you have five admissions to NILWIRE CON. We will communicate all event details via our NILWIRE discord channel and email mailing list.


There’s so much more in store for our budding community. For more info, check out our Instagram, Tiktok. Or follow us on Facebook and Twitter Today.