Were You Ever A Supa Strikas Fan?

Imagine you were able to meet Supa Shakes, and he teaches you a few of his out-of-the-world skills. Or learn how to enter the room with pride like El Matador. And has Big Bo ever made you feel like you can stop the show anywhere? You were not alone.

Characters like these are why many of us rushed back from school every day without taking off our school uniforms or not helping mum in the kitchen (which could attract a few whoopings, lol).

Picture meeting your favorite character in real life.

Wait, let’s bring it closer to home. Imagine meeting Messi, Ronaldo, or your favorite player in person. How would you act? Would you act out in excitement or try to stand out and have a heart-to-heart conversation?

Now hold that thought.

Guess What? Nilwire.io has come up with an amazing platform for football, rugby, and all types of sports fans to have a real connection with their favorite players.


Through the power of NFTs, the Web3 economy, and the Metaverse. And that’s not all.

On June 11, 2021, the United States Supreme Court overturned long-standing NCAA rules prohibiting student-athletes from enhancing, marketing, or profiting from selling their NIL rights.

NIL is an abbreviation for “Name, Image, and Likeness.”

This allows student-athletes to profit from their FAME, validate their college sports landscape, and empower athletes to seek financial support and benefit from their skill and academic prowess.

Nilwire.io has created an authentic space in the Metaverse through the most thriving Web3 currency, NFTs. This space will not only connect super fans to super athletes, but we also create a space for uprising superstars to HAVE A NAME, TRADEMARK IT, and PROFIT from having an authentic identity, in the uprising Web3 space.

The Metaverse is in its early stages; with Nilwire.io, you catch the train early and reap all the benefits that come with it.

What is the Nilwire.io?

NILWIRE is a fan-first NIL NFT marketplace founded by brothers/former athletes to bring together fans and athletes. To foster a community with fans, we offer collections created solely by athletes, premier artists, and worthy Fans.

Who Are We For?

SUPER FANS and SUPERSTARS. Win-Win for everyone!

What is our story?

NILWIRE was founded with the goal of becoming the premier NFT sports marketplace in the NIL space, assisting athletes in enhancing their brand. We are committed to fostering a community through NFT marketplace technology and smart contract capabilities. NILWIRE aspires to be a marketplace that hosts premier athletes from across the country to provide fans with unprecedented value and experiences.

What Do We Stand For?

Our mission is to EMPOWER Athletes to MONETIZE their name, image, and likeness through blockchain technology while also providing value to their fans. NILWIRE is creating a peer-to-peer marketplace where athletes, fans, and influencers can connect. Our vision is to help athletes to Become More Than Sports to Be A Brand by connecting them with fans on a deeper level.

Too many rising talents are exploited of their potential because of no IDENTITY, BRAND, and vital information. Nilwire.io seeks to change that.

How Will We Achieve This?

Short Answer: Through the Ballers Series Collection

The Ballers Series 1 (BS1) Collection, founded by NA’A MOEAKIOLA, a football athlete from Montana State University, is the first NILWIRE NFT PROJECT to be hosted on the NILWIRE.IO marketplace. The collection includes 50 top college athletes from across the country. The NILWIRE founders and team handpicked each athlete. We met with each individual player to ensure that both parties shared the same vision and purpose. We hope to provide extraordinary value to fans and the NFT community throughout the years.

How many BS1 NFTs exist?

This inaugural collection contains 5,555 BS1 tokens. You can read more frequently asked questions and answers here.

Why NFTs?

We won’t just put our athletes on the World Map; we will EDUCATE them. And what better way to do so than with the Power of NFTs and the buzzing Web3 space?

NILWIRE believes that by educating our student-athletes about Web 3.0, we can help them monetize their name, image, and likeness. We believe that NFTs are still in their early stages, so this is a fantastic opportunity to help athletes get ahead of the competition by educating them on blockchain technology and smart contracts.

This is the first of many NFT projects available on the NILWIRE.IO marketplace. We believe that by working with their favorite athletes, we can provide a wealth of value and benefits to sports fans and the NFT community.

The Bs1 Athletes’ Backstory

The 50 college athletes represent principles and values that NILWIRE most admires and truly believes in. The athletes are primarily Polynesian and Minority football athletes. The founders of NILWIRE are first-generation Tongans based out of Dallas, TX. They are former D1 football athletes – so they know what it’s like to be an athlete and navigate the pressures of family and success.

Why Did We Create This?

  • For the LOVE OF SPORTS
  • For the love of players who teach us to DARE TO DREAM
  • For the LOVE OF SPORTS FANS who would love to meet their idols.
  • To SAVE students and uprising stars from the burden of not having an authentic space, VALIDATING their dreams, and bringing them closer to REALITY.

We are the FIRST OF OUR KIND. Harnessing the love of Sports, Fandom, NFTs, and WEb3 all in one place.

You Should Be a part of this. Want to recommend an athlete? Know someone that deserves a spot on the wall?

We’d love to hear your opinions. For more information. Click here to chat with the team on Discord.