Minting Your NILWIRE NFT On Our Public Mint Date

In light of our forthcoming NFT launch event on September 26th, it is only natural to wonder how you can mint your NILWIRE NFTs on our public mint date. After all, it’s merely a token, right? Since NFTs are gaining popularity, many are curious as to the process of minting one. Today, we’ll get into a detailed breakdown of the process of minting NFT and selling them on NILWIRE or any market of your choice.

How to mint your NILWIRE NFT after the presale date has passed

  1. First, create an asset.

The first step in minting an NFT is always to create the asset it serves to represent. Try your hardest to create something creative and engaging. The digital age has opened up a wide range of possibilities and options, including the use of a wide variety of digital media and concepts, from 3D illustrations to abstract and political works, to audio and even humorous and hyperrealistic works.

  1. Buy Ether

In the second phase of the public NFT minting process, you will work with Ether, commonly known as ETH, the cryptocurrency of the Ethereum network. At the moment, Ethereum is being used by the vast majority of NFT development projects. Therefore, Ethereum is a viable option for NFT minting on NILWIRE. By “minting” a work of art as an NFT, relevant information about the work will be recorded on the blockchain. As proof of originality and ownership, the wallet address might be prominently shown in the accompanying documents. There is no way to alter or remove the record.

  1. Create an Ethereum Cold Wallet.

After launching your NFT on the Ethereum blockchain, you can start looking for potential buyers. A non-custodial wallet would be required in this situation.

A non-custodial wallet is a type of cryptocurrency wallet that gives you full access and control over your funds. The wallet serves as a virtual location to store and deal with digital currency. A central cryptocurrency exchange does not own or manage a non-custodial wallet, which is another important difference.

You can obtain the seed phrase with the use of a non-custodial wallet. The seed phrase is a 12-word code produced at random that can be used to restore a wallet and access it from other computers. Thus, you may expect the lowest-cost method of minting NFT on NILWIRE without worrying about any access to funds being restricted by exchanges. Yet, with this kind of freedom comes great responsibility, as you will no longer have access to your money if you misplace the seed phrase. You must keep it very safe.

  1. Create a Non-Custodial Wallet

These are the key steps you must take to configure Metamask for low-cost NFT minting on NILWIRE.

  • Go to and install the extension on your Chrome browser.
  • You can set up a new wallet by using the button labeled “Create a Wallet” in the sidebar.
  • Create a password by following the on-screen prompts that appear after. Keep in mind that this password is different from your seed phrase.
  • Now, programmers must make a copy of their seed phrase and keep it someplace secure from which they can easily retrieve it. If you lose your seed phrase, you lose access to the funds you used to create the NFT.
  • To finish the configuration, click the “Next” button on the final screen.
  1. Putting Ethereum in Cold Storage

You can proceed with your public NFT minting once your non-custodial wallet is operational on NILWIRE. To transfer ETH to the pre-configured, non-custodial wallet, you’ll need access to its address. If you want to send or receive cryptocurrency, you’ll need the recipient’s wallet address, which acts like an account number. The wallet address can be copied directly from the top of the page in Metamask.

  1. NFT Market Selection

The key is to find a platform that allows for the minting of NFT at a low cost. Choosing an NFT marketplace is crucial during the NFT minting procedure. Because of its promising simplicity, NILWIRE is emerging as one of the most well-known NFT marketplaces. We do not charge customers any sort of minting fee whenever they issue new NFTs. 
Your newly minted NFT will be available in your wallet for transfer to the exchange of your choice. That being the case, you can do your minting on one exchange and your trading on another.

  1. Mint your NFT!

The last step in minting NFT on our public mint date is straightforward, and the abundance of options available has streamlined the process. Review the instructions below to learn how simple it is to generate NFT with just a few mouse clicks.

Navigate to, and then select the “Create” tab. There would be a window requesting that you log in to your Metamask wallet.

Lazy minting, used in some NFT marketplaces, is when NFTs are minted as part of a larger collection. On the “My Collections” tab, select “Create,” then fill in the blanks for the collection’s name, description, and logo. Users can choose how many NFTs to add to their library.

The NILWIRE NFT market is the place to go to expand your current NFT holdings. To add a new item, select the option and then follow the on-screen directions. Before you click “Create,” you can give your high-quality picture of your art a name, external links, a description, and properties.

Closing Remarks

The ease with which a new NFT can be minted on NILWIRE is evident. When starting off, it’s important to pay close attention to any prerequisites or requirements. Because of its widespread adoption, however, developing NFTs can be an intimidating task. Concerns about the minting cost of NFTs are also prompted by the millions spent on NFT trading all over the world.

However, NFTs can be produced at a lower cost if minted in accordance with best practices and a well-thought-out plan. However, enthusiasts also benefit from the abundance of available NFT creation platforms. You can take advantage of our free NFT blog articles to learn the basics of NFTs and get a head start on minting your own.