How To Take Advantage Of Our Presale Launch Date September 19th

What is an NFT pre-sale?

As the name suggests, the goal of an NFT pre-sale is to give community members and early supporters of an NFT project access to the minting process before the project is released to the general public, either through a mint pass or a whitelist. During these sales, also known as token pre-sales, NFT is offered to investors at a discounted rate in anticipation of its eventual release to the market. According to many blockchain industry experts, presales are a great opportunity to purchase new innovative projects while they are still “hot”.

NFT collectors can attend a public sale and secure an NFT by presenting a mint pass. Because the mint pass is executed by “burning,” or sending an NFT to a designated crypto wallet, the collector need not worry about unpredictable fluctuations in the gas price.

Reasons to take advantage of our September 19th pre-sale launch date

1. It’s a way to recognize and reward the members and early supporters of our NFT community.

As creators of NFTs, we wish to use pre-sale to successfully incentivize and reward our early supporters.

First, dividing the minting process between a pre-sale and a public launch offers people who join the project early a fair chance to mint one or more NFT from our collection at a discounted price or even for free.

Did you know that the initial price of a BAYC token was 0.08 ETH? As time went on, they airdropped freebies to the original NFT community, such as a serum that allowed you to mint a Mutant Ape that is now worth as much as the original BAYC.

Secondly, whitelists encourage early community members to work together to create a project’s community in exchange for a spot or special status within the group. If you invite ten people to the NFT Discord server and they all join, you’ll move up in the ranks and possibly even be included in the whitelist.

The use of a “whitelist” or “pre-sale” to secure early investors and build a loyal community is a frequent tactic for new ventures.

2. So that gas-related conflicts can be avoided.

Among the numerous blockchains that allow NFTs, Ethereum has the highest transaction fees (also known as gas) because it is where most new NFTs are created. During a public auction of NFTs, gas prices might spike due to “gas wars,” which occur when a large number of NFT collectors (or bots) attempt to mint the same NFT at the same time.

When a forthcoming NFT project is widely anticipated and the expected demand is high, multiple collectors will rush to mint the NFT before the supply runs out, with some even ready to pay a premium for gas in order to ensure that their transaction is prioritized above others.

How to purchase a presale NFT on Nilwire before our official launch date

1. Purchase a cryptocurrency exchange and a wallet

To acquire an NFT during the presale, you must first open a trading account on a cryptocurrency exchange or platform.

Exchanges, which are simply online brokerages, enable buyers and sellers to trade various cryptocurrencies. It is important to sign up on our platform in order to purchase NFTs before they officially released to the public.

2. Buy Ethereum

Ethereum’s blockchain technology is currently the gold standard for new NFT creation. The cryptocurrency used on the Ethereum network is called ether (or ETH). Ethereum is sometimes known by its short name. Ethereum, like Bitcoin, can be bought, sold, traded, and held in the hope of future appreciation.

Different exchanges and wallets are compatible with our platform, which is great because there aren’t so many reputable markets where you can buy and sell unique NFTs built on the Ethereum network.

3. Store your ether in a cryptocurrency wallet

After selecting an exchange and buying ETH, the third step is transferring the funds to a wallet.

Use a third-party program, such as Nilwire Wallet, to connect your cold storage wallet to the NFT market. We are among the most dependable NFT marketplaces out there.

4. Connect your cryptocurrency wallet to our NFT marketplace

By signing up for our newsletters, you can make sure you never miss an NFT presale again. For maximum profit, always be prepared to act swiftly when rare NFTs become available before the official launch date.

Once you’ve signed up on NILWIRE, you’ll need to connect your NFT wallet to our site in order to make purchases. The use of an external wallet may result in increased gas charges, but the use of our marketplace’s unique wallet may result in savings or even the removal of these fees, and it can be created instantly on the site.

5. Get your presale NFT

Because of the high demand for popular NFTs, it’s best to get your wallet set up and funded before the NFT’s mint date.


For NFT purchases before the mint date, Nilwire is now one of the largest and most flexible marketplaces. NFTs can be found in many different fields, especially sports, and even collectibles. Nilwire’s accessibility and usability are enhanced by the abundance of learning resources it provides.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are available for purchase, sale, and trade across a diverse selection of sports categories. Our marketplace is popular and easy to use because its tokens may be used on the Ethereum network and many others. Best of all, Nilwire is not only a commercial center but also a social hub for members of its NFT community.