How to list a NFT on Opensea

Numerous creators have made hundreds, if not thousands and millions, of dollars selling NFTs, and many businesses have started making and trading in digital tokens. The prospects for NFT growth and investment appear to be stronger than ever right now.

With approximately 80 million NFTs and more than 1.2 million users, OpenSea is currently one of the top NFT markets. It makes the purchasing, trading, and minting procedures simple, enabling anyone to participate in this profitable technology.

We will give a thorough, step-by-step guide on how to mint and post NFTs on the OpenSea market in this blog article.

Step 1: Pick an NFT Marketplace

While we will concentrate on in this post, one can mint, acquire, and trade NFTs on a number of different NFT marketplaces. Be aware that several markets display all NFTs simultaneously and keep tabs on their sales and pricing due to the fact that they all reside publicly on the blockchain.

As a result, if you mint and sell an NFT on OpenSea, it will also be available on a number of other marketplaces.

Step 2: Create your wallet

Users have to first create an Ethereum wallet in order to store their crypto and NFT assets before they can mint an NFT. Opensea users have access to more than a dozen wallet choices, with MetaMask being the most popular.

You can download the MetaMask Chrome extension and sign up for an account, which will allow you to create a MetaMask wallet.

You will be given a 12-word Secret Recovery Phrase after entering a password.

You must keep your recovery phrase confidential and in a secure location. This phrase must be presented in the event that you ever have to retrieve your wallet. If someone ever finds out your recovery phrase, they will be able to gain access to your funds and transfer it from your account.

Step 3: Link Your Wallet to OpenSea

You can link your wallet to OpenSea after installing the MetaMask Chrome extension by following these easy steps:

  • Visit the website at
  • Then at the top-right corner, tap the wallet icon.
  • The website will provide a variety of wallet choices. Choose MetaMask (except there’s a different wallet you prefer).
  • Accept the terms and conditions to finalize this step.

Step 4: Form an NFT collection

You can develop your first NFT after creating a wallet and linking it to OpenSea. Despite the fact that you can create and upload NFTs separately, we advise minting your NFTs as one collection because this will usually result in higher views and sales.

Follow the instructions below to make a collection:

  • Click My Collection under your OpenSea profile.
  • To create a new collection, click Create.
  • Include a featured image, a banner image, and a logo image.
  • Give your collection a name, provide a brief description, and choose a category.
  • Select the resale fee that will be charged on each future sales of your NFTs.
  • Choose the blockchain and acceptable payment options; Ethereum is advised for both.
  • Choose a display theme, and press Create.

You can include similar NFTs or different versions of a single NFT, each one with unique qualities, in your collection. This collection can be regarded as your digital art resume. You are free to share your most recent NFT artwork, memes, or even college sports NFT collections.

Step 5: Publish your first NFT

Are you ready to use OpenSea to sell your first NFT? Here are the steps to follow:

  • Go to OpenSea and tap your profile icon in the top right corner of the page.
  • From your wallet, choose the NFT that you want to sell. Check out our How To Mint an NFT article to get started if you don’t already have an NFT that you can sell.
  • Click Sell in the top right side of the item page.
  • You will be directed to the listing page where you can select the sale type and price.
  • The seller determines the NFT pricing in a fixed price transaction. Additionally, you may choose a preset timeframe for the sale or enter a custom time range using the calendar.
  • Finally, you have the option to reserve the asset for a particular client. To do this, tap the More options tab and type the buyer’s wallet address into the Reserve for specific buyer box.

You can find the potential sale costs indicated at the bottom of each of those options. After that, you’ll be required to sign a transaction to confirm your sale.

If this is your first time selling on OpenSea, you will need to setup your wallet first. Additionally, there might be an additional authorization and signature needed to permit OpenSea to sell the item on your behalf if the item you’re offering was not created on OpenSea but rather via a custom contract.

When your listing is finished, a pop-up confirmation will appear. Don’t forget to share about your posting on social media! Go to your profile page and click More Active listings to view the things you have posted for sale.


Those are the necessary steps you need to know about the topic. Your NFTs should be listed on the market and available for purchase after you complete these easy steps.

From this point, you can invite friends to view your collection, add new NFTs, and perhaps even utilize your NFTs in the metaverse.

We really hope you found this guide helpful and will start using the OpenSea platform to make your own NFTs. Keep checking back for more informative NFT tutorials and guidelines, and also read our other handy posts on NFTs, blockchain technology and the metaverse!