NIL stands for “Name, Image and Likeness”. On June 21, 2021, the United States Supreme Court struck down the longstanding NCAA rules prohibiting Student Athletes from profiting financially from marketing their NIL rights, upending the college sports landscape and finally empowering athletes to seek financial opportunities based on their fame and athletic prowess.

An NFT, or ‘non-fungible token’, is a unique, non-interchangeable digital asset which is stored on a digital ledger, or ‘blockchain’. The proof of an NFT’s ownership is verified and authenticated by the blockchain the NFT is hosted on. Ballers Series 1 NFTs are digital collectibles, much like a digital version of a trading card. These NFTs support the players and give you access to exclusive perks.

BS1 NFTs can be purchased with ether (ETH), the currency of the Ethereum blockchain or you can purchase with FIAT using Visa, Amex, MasterCard, etc.

Ether can be purchased on a number of popular exchanges, on which you can exchange a national currency for cryptocurrency. Popular exchanges include Defi Wallet, Coinbase, FTX, Gemini and others. Ether can also be purchased with services such as MoonPay and many others. Once you have purchased Ether from an exchange, you can transfer Ether to your wallet by sending it to your public address. Please be aware that there can be a delay on funds becoming available on some exchanges when you set up and fund a new account, so if you are interested in this auction and don’t own any ether, start the process of setting up a wallet right away.

A cryptocurrency wallet is a program and interface that allows a user to store and transact with a cryptocurrency. An Ethereum wallet is a wallet that specifically allows for use of the ethereum blockchain. Wallets on the ethereum blockchain are able to hold ether, as well as NFTs and other digital assets that exist on the Ethereum blockchain.

An Ethereum wallet can be obtained in multiple ways. A software wallet (such as defi wallet or metamask) provides the easiest and fastest way to set up an Ethereum wallet and can be created in minutes. Wallet software provides you with a private key, a public key (or address) and a secure login. Defi Wallet and other software wallets can be run as web browser extensions and on mobile devices. Instructions for setting up a defi wallet can be found at https://defiwalletswap.com/?ref_code=ktjmsLwnT8 or metamask wallet can be found here at https://metamask.io/

Gas fees are the cost to have your transaction executed by miners on the ethereum blockchain. It can be thought of as the cost of using the decentralized computational network that secures and executes transactions on Ethereum. Gas fees are dynamic and depend on the current level of network activity. During periods of high activity and network congestion, gas fees will rise. Software wallets such as defi wallet or metamask provide an estimated gas fee for your transaction based on current levels of network activity. Gas fees can also be set higher manually to incentivize miners to process a transaction first–a process that can lead to "gas wars". We chose a dutch auction format to try to avoid gas wars.

The most important aspect of securing your wallet is securely storing and never sharing your private key. Access to the private key allows for control of the wallet and all of its assets. Wallet security is beyond the scope of this FAQ. Further details can be found in the Security section of the metamask FAQ https://metamask.io/faqs/ or with defi wallet at https://defiwalletswap.com/?ref_code=ktjmsLwnT8

The Ballers Series 1 (BS1) Collection is the first NILWIRE NFT PROJECT to be hosted on the NILWIRE.IO marketplace. The collection features 38 premiere college athletes from all around the country. Each athlete was handpicked by the NILWIRE founders and team. We met with each player individually to ensure that both parties aligned with the same vision and purpose. We aim to bring the fans and the NFT community extraordinary value throughout the years.

There are 4,222 BS1 tokens for this inaugural collection.

NILWIRE believes that we can educate our student athletes about Web 3.0 and help them monetize their name, image and likeness. We believe NFTs are just getting started so it's a great opportunity to help the athletes get ahead of the game by educating them about the blockchain technology and smart contracts. This project will be the first of many NFT projects on the NILWIRE.IO marketplace. We believe we can bring tons of value and perks to the sports fans and NFT community by working with their favorite athletes.

The 38 college athletes represent principles and values that NILWIRE most admires and truly believes in. The athletes are primarily Polynesian and Minority football athletes. The founders of NILWIRE are first generation Tongans based out of Dallas, TX. They are former D1 football athletes - so they know what it’s like to be an athlete and navigate through the pressures of family expectations and success. They wanted to create a marketplace for athletes and creators to build NFT projects and have access to all the necessary tools and education to be successful.

All BS1 token owners get access to NILWIRE CON. The event is a Superconference event exclusively for NFT holders. Your NFT will give you a three year access pass. The conference will be focused around sports, entrepreneurship, business, NFTs, crypto, music, culture, fun and much more!

The art was created by Futaku Studios, son of the founder of Dragonball Z. The athletes inspired the art with some details, but mostly we wanted the art to represent each players identity, image, and culture. The art will be in anime 2D graphics.

There are three categories of tokens: Starter, Varsity, and All American. However, all token holders receive a three year access pass to NILWIRE CON, an exclusive experience for BS1 NFT holders to interact with pro athletes and special guests in a curated themed event around sports, business, and culture.

All BS1 tokens are 1 of 1 art tokens with the same athlete designs but various backgrounds. The NFT art designs will be personalized and unique featuring the athletes in their uniforms with various background colors. Some of the BS1 art backgrounds will feature images that will reveal surprise utilities for holders in the near future like private parties and meet ups!

The BS1 token as an art and collectable lasts forever. The additional underlying benefits of the BS1 NFTs will expire October 31st, 2025.

Primary sales of BS1 NFTs will be on NILWIRE.IO. BS1 tokens will appear on secondary marketplaces like Opensea and Rarible etc. for resale purchase. BS1 NFTs will adhere to the ERC-721 standard.

Yes. BS1 tokens can be resold on NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea and Rarible etc. If a BS1 token is resold there will be a 10% royalty fee to BS1. BS1 has pledged to share royalties with the athletes as well.

In order to purchase a BS1 NFT, you will need to conduct two important steps. First, you will need to purchase ETH from a crypto-currency exchange such as Defi Wallet, Coinbase, Gemini, or Binance. Once you have completed that step, you will need to transfer your ETH into a non-custodial digital wallet like Defi Wallet, MetaMask, or WalletConnect compatible wallets. These wallets connect to the NILWIRE marketplace and allow you to purchase an NFT.

Each NFT will have a specific message and meaning and provide profound utility in the sports world. Our approach is to create access and serve the BS1 community. BS1 is all about utility and access, meaning each NFT will have different levels of access and activities through the smart contract attached with each investment thus giving them “utility” through metadata. The token is the key that unlocks you into the NILWIRE world.

Due to various reasons (including legal and regulatory concerns), BS1 cannot establish or distribute potential royalties to token owners.

All BS1 characters and tokens are intellectual property owned by NILWIRE LLC, as such token owners cannot sell or distribute BS1 athletes or designs in any way. This is because we are still deciding how to split the IP rights with the athletes and holders.

We’re always hanging out on our NILWIRE discord channel.

NFTs are minted on ERC-721 compliant contracts deployed to the Ethereum blockchain. This is the “gold standard” and most widely-supported format for digital collectibles.

If you cannot redeem your token due to any COVID related issues, we will honor our commitment and a NILWIRE representative will be there to support you.

There is a unique story behind each athlete and purposeful structure to the BS1 tokens. Before purchasing any BS1 NFT, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with all the BS1 athletes and what each token has to offer.

There are 4,222 BS1 tokens that are organized in three categories - Starter, Varsity, and All American. You will see that each athlete has various backgrounds.

The Founders have decided to create a special personal collection of tokens that are marked with a “GOAT” badge — which stands for BS1 original ownership and publicly authenticates BS1’s original ownership for any future token holders. These tokens are not for sale during the inaugural release, but you can view them under “BS1 GOAT COLLECTION” on NILWIRE.IO

All BS1 token owners get access to NILWIRE CON. The event is a Superconference event exclusively for NFT holders. Your NFT will give you a three year access pass. The conference will be focused around sports, entrepreneurship, business, NFTs, crypto, music, fun and much more!

The first NILWIRE CON will be held JULY 2023. We will be announcing all the details including the date, location and line up for our BS1 community via email and our discord channel.

Yes. Every BS1 NFT is an admission to NILWIRE CON, for example if you own two BS1 tokens you have two admissions to NILWIRE CON.

You can buy your BS1 NFTs on our marketplace NILWIRE.IO but you will need connect a Defi Wallet, Metamask, or WalletConnect compatible wallet to purchase them using Ethereum (ETH).

No. 1,000 BS1 tokens will be for presale October 13th for a discounted mint price. And then 3,142 BS1 tokens will be for sale all at one time - one mint price at a later date to be announced. Every inaugural BS1 token will be released to the public for purchase with one mint price.

Yes, in order to purchase a BS1 NFT you will have the option to use a credit card on our marketplace NILWIRE.IO

You will need a non-custodial wallet to be able to purchase an NFT. NILWIRE accepts wallet payments from Defi Wallet, Metamask, and WalletConnect compatible wallets.

No, you cannot buy a portion of a BS1 token.

In order to redeem a benefit we must be able to verify on the chain that you own the token at the time the benefit is being deployed or activated.

You can verify the amount of redemptions a token has by visiting the specific token’s page on NILWIRE.IO and viewing the redemption count as marked by our redemption key symbol. BS1 redemption counts are also viewable on OpenSea under a token’s properties.

The opening of the verification process for "private meals and/or hangout" token owners will be released on NILWIRE.IO before December 31, 2022. We will be providing the details on redemption through our NILWIRE discord channel. So be sure to subscribe to our mailing list to stay up to date on how to redeem your access token.

The opening of the verification process for “signed memorabilia and/or game tickets” will be released on NILWIRE.IO before December 31, 2022. Those who purchased a Gift token will need to verify their address through NILWIRE.IO to activate their gifting experience. Make sure you’re subscribed to our mailing list and are a member of our discord channel for all the updates.

By owning any BS1 token, you automatically receive access to attend NILWIRE CON. You are able to claim more than one admission to NILWIRE CON if you own more than one BS1 NFT, for example, if you own 5 BS1 NFT’S, you have 5 admissions to NILWIRE CON. We will be sharing all the details on the event through our NILWIRE discord channel, and our email mailing list.

NILWIRE/BS1 Team Members will NEVER add you, dm you, or email you about verifying, minting, giveaways, facilitating a trade, etc! Anything appearing to do so is a scam! Please always double check in with our support team if you have any questions.

The steps below are how to block friend requests from being sent:
Settings > Privacy & Safety > Who can add you as a friend > Turn off Everyone and Server Members (you can turn it all off if you want)

How to turn off DMs:
Settings > Privacy & Safety > Turn Off "Allow Direct Messages From Server Members"